#1 Theatrical Fashion Show production in the United States!


Executive Producer / Creative Director

Scott Hebert is an Executive Producer and the Creative Director of Houston's #1 Theatrical Fashion show titled THE DOMINION. These creative shows are forging a new era in the fashion industry by continuing to set the standard that even has companies in New York and Paris calling to have shows designed for specifically to them. Coming to one of the shows, you are likely to see live animals, pyrotechnics (indoor fireworks), ballerina's, harpist, dancers, circus acts and of course the best of fashion! THE DOMINION is the ONLY fashion show in the world with a Queen and Gladiators. THE DOMINION travels, but is based in Houston, Tx.


Queen of The DOMINION

The Queen rides into the show on a Camel




What does it take?

Creating shows as dynamic as THE DOMINION'S takes an amazing and efficient team. Every detail is carefully looked at to make these shows the success they are. We own many of the materials for the show as we've built them from scratch. Although Moda and Astikos are our company shows, we produce shows for other companies that would like our services. Here is just a little glimpse of what it takes to produce an event with over 100 people behind the scenes.

Building our stage

Building our walls from scratch

Stage Setup

Using Format